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[bug#45889] Nextcloud Client (v7)

From: Leo Prikler
Subject: [bug#45889] Nextcloud Client (v7)
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2021 11:22:26 +0100
User-agent: Evolution 3.34.2


Am Montag, den 01.02.2021, 10:13 -0500 schrieb Raghav Gururajan:
> Subject: [PATCH 1/3] gnu: Add appstream.
Mostly LGTM.

> +    (native-inputs
> +     `(("cmake" ,cmake)
Is cmake really needed?  I know that meson falls back to cmake if pkg-
config fails and also supports output to cmake, but meson/ninja should
be the default.

> Subject: [PATCH 2/3] gnu: kwayland: Disable failing tests.
LGTM, we might want to push that independently.

> +           (let ((keep '( ;; Not available in Guix.
> +                         "QProgressIndicator" "kmessagewidget"
> "qtlockedfile"
> +                         "qtokenizer" "qtsingleapplication")))
Could you try packaging those for Guix as well?

> +       #:imported-modules
> +       (,@%qt-build-system-modules
> +        (guix build glib-or-gtk-build-system))
> +       #:modules
> +       ((guix build qt-build-system)
> +        ((guix build glib-or-gtk-build-system)
> +         #:prefix glib-or-gtk:)
> +        (guix build utils))
As with your telegram patch, I personally think the ordering is wrong

> +               (("PKGCONFIG_GETVAR\\(dbus-1 session_bus_services_dir
> _install_dir\\)")
> +                "set(_install_dir
> \"${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/share/dbus-1/services\")"))
You might want to regexp the middle part in case it is changed.

> +             ;; Turn-off the use of absolute Qt paths for
> installation.
> +             (substitute* "shell_integration/dolphin/CMakeLists.txt"
> +               (("ON CACHE")
> +                "OFF CACHE"))
What does this achieve exactly?

Btw. slightly off-topic, but if you're planning to reply to this patch-
set and send v8 at roughly the same time, please collapse it to a
single message as you're already using a "patches as attachments"
style.  Having everything in a single message makes it a little easier
for me to respond and Evolution can save all attachments to a directory
just fine.


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