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[bug#46313] [PATCH] gnu: Add chiaki.

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: [bug#46313] [PATCH] gnu: Add chiaki.
Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2021 10:43:41 +0100
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Léo Le Bouter via Guix-patches via <> writes:

> * gnu/packages/games.scm (chiaki): New variable.

Thank you. Some comments follow.

> +             (recursive? #t)))

Do you know what sub-modules are being pulled? Could we unbundle them

> +    (synopsis "Free and Open Source PlayStation Remote Play Client")

Please remove "Free" and "Open Source": everything is in Guix. Also,
synopsis should not use titlecase:

    "PlayStation Remote Play client"

> +    (description "Chiaki is a Free and Open Source Software Client for
> +PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Remote Play.")

See above. Also, couldyou expound a bit the description?

> +    (license
> +     (license:fsdg-compatible

It should be fsf-free instead of fsdg-compatible.

> +      "file://LICENSES/AGPL-3.0-only-OpenSSL.txt"
> +      "AGPL-3.0-only-OpenSSL"))))

I think the correct string would be "AGPL-3.0 WITH OpenSSL exception"
but I wonder if Guix cares about the exception.

Could you send an updated patch?

Nicolas Goaziou

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