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[bug#46113] [PATCH] gnu: obs: Update obs to fb347c.

From: Andrew Tropin
Subject: [bug#46113] [PATCH] gnu: obs: Update obs to fb347c.
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 2021 17:40:34 +0300

> Should we wait for the next OBS release instead of packaging an
> arbitrary commit?

I'm not in a hurry, but as I explained earlier in this thread [fn:2] it seems
relatively safe for me to use this commit and getting back later to
26.1.3 or 26.2.0 or whatever next release will be.

> I am not insist on keeping [1], but I do think that is more cleaner
> solution.

In terms of implememntation I like that [fn:1] prevents double loading
of plugins, by excluding obs installation dir from "load-path". However
double loading of the same plugin doesn't seem to break anything. Also,
OBS_PLUGINS_DIRECTORY variable name maybe a little better than
OBS_PLUGINS_PATH as it contains only one path.

The problem is that now there are two almost identical mechanisms (one
in upstream and one via patch [fn:1]), which can bring some maintanance
problems in the future.

There are two good option in my opinion:
- contribute patch from [fn:1] to upstream (reverting OBS_PLUGINS_PATH)
- revert [fn:1] and use OBS_PLUGINS_PATH from upstream

If Alexey ready to contibute OBS_PLUGINS_DIRECTORY patch to obs
(reverting OBS_PLUGINS_PATH), I would be glad to support it. Otherwise,
I would prefer to revert [fn:1] and apply this one. To prevent
maintanance problems in the future.

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Best regards,
Andrew Tropin

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