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[bug#41219] [PATCH 2/2] guix: Enforce package.json "files" directive.

From: paul
Subject: [bug#41219] [PATCH 2/2] guix: Enforce package.json "files" directive.
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020 22:33:43 +0200
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Hi Jelle,

On 9/20/20 9:51 PM, Jelle Licht wrote:
Hey Giacomo,

Apologies for the delay! Better late than never, a review just for you.
No problem really, I spent some time AFK this summer and didn't ping soon enough.
Perhaps 'pattern-list'? I keep reading this as patron-list. We could
also build the patterns here. Mapping over the pattern-list + 'default
patterns' here might also be a wee bit faster.
Yeah I actually don't know why I avoided to type two more letters in the first place. I didn't build the patterns here because that would have required storing the match result in a separate variable binding and requiring to check twice if the binding was false (which is the way I went in the new patch. The only slight downside in the new patch is that if the match result is #f then patterns is #<unspecified> but is also provably never accessed. If you can think of a better way to solve this, please do tell me), but mapping first is still more efficient, so I changed it.

+                     (#f #f)))
+         (main (match (assoc-ref data "main")
+                     ("" #f)
+                     ((? string? main-module) main-module)
+                     (#f #f)))
+         (install-dir (string-append target "/node_modules/" modulename))
+         (install-files (lambda (files directory)
You only use install-dir here: you could hard-code it in the lambda.
Definitely, I just fixed that.

+                          (for-each (lambda (file)
+                                      (install-file
+                                       file
+                                       (string-append directory "/"
+                                                      (dirname file))))
+                                    files))))
      (mkdir-p target)
-    (copy-recursively "." (string-append target "/node_modules/" modulename))
-    ;; Remove references to dependencies
-    (delete-file-recursively
-      (string-append target "/node_modules/" modulename "/node_modules"))
+    (if patterns
+        (install-files
+         (filter (lambda (file)
+                   (any (lambda (pattern)
+                          (glob-match?
+                           (string->compiled-sglob pattern)
+                           file))
+                        (append
+                         patterns
+                         '("package.json"
+                           ;; These files get installed no
+                           ;; matter the case or extension.
+                           "[rR][eE][aA][dD][mM][eE]*"
+                           "[cC][hH][aA][nN][gG][eE][sS]*"
+                           "[cC][hH][aA][nN][gG][eE][lL][oO][gG]*"
+                           "[hH][iI][sS][tT][oO][rR][yY]*"
+                           "[nN][oO][tT][iI][cC][eE]*"))))
+                 (map (lambda (path)
+                        (string-drop path 2))
                          If this is meant to drop the "./" prefix, you
                          should be able to leave it out.

+                      (find-files ".")))
`find-files' accepts an optional second argument called PRED, so you can
do that instead of the earlier 'filter'.
Thanks, I didn't know. Fixed :).

+         install-dir)
+        (begin
+          (copy-recursively "." install-dir)
+          ;; Remove references to dependencies
+          (delete-file-recursively
+           (string-append install-dir "/node_modules"))))
+    (if (and main
+             (not (file-exists?
+                   (string-append
+                    install-dir "/" (dirname main)))))
+        (install-files (list main) install-dir))

This should not be needed if we use the 'old' (=non-files) approach of
installing. Do you think it makes sense to pull it into the previous
block that only runs on using the 'files' directive?
I put this because also the "main" field from package.json is also guaranteed to be installed by NPM, according to . Thus if a developer populates the "files" field without including the main file in that list, but they do insert it in the "main" field the file should be installed. Does it make sense?
Thanks for you patience, and thanks again for working on this.


  - Jelle

Thank you for your patience in reviewing this patch. I'm attaching an updated version of the second patch.



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