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[bug#42380] Wow!

From: André Batista
Subject: [bug#42380] Wow!
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 12:23:32 -0300

Hello Raghav,

sáb 12 set 2020 às 09:35:17 (1599914117), enviou:
> Thank you all for the hard work. This is a high-time package.

Thank you as well. :)

> Any idea on when it can be merged to master?, at-least a minimally
> viable package?

As of now, I think it's a viable package, but there's still room
for improvement on its definition. If you also care that this
package is available on Guix, I guess the easiest and most
important thing to do right now is to apply the patch series
that I've sent, try it out and report back on your experience.

Happy hacking!

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