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[bug#43354] [PATCH 48/55] gnu: Remove python2 versions of Django package

From: Marius Bakke
Subject: [bug#43354] [PATCH 48/55] gnu: Remove python2 versions of Django packages.
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2020 16:29:04 +0200

Python 2 is EOL and not supported by current versions of Django.

* gnu/packages/django.scm (python-django, python-django-tagging)[properties]:
* gnu/packages/django.scm (python2-django, python2-django-simple-math-captcha,
python2-pytest-django, python2-django-filter, python2-django-allauth,
python2-django-gravatar2, python2-django-assets, python2-django-jsonfield,
python2-dj-database-url, python2-django-bulk-update,
python2-django-contact-form, python2-django-contrib-comments,
python2-django-overextends, python2-django-redis, python2-django-rq,
python2-django-sortedm2m, python2-django-appconf, python2-django-statici18n,
python2-django-tagging): Remove variables.
 gnu/packages/django.scm | 82 +----------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 81 deletions(-)

diff --git a/gnu/packages/django.scm b/gnu/packages/django.scm
index 1ce5371e39..d23c6fdaa2 100644
--- a/gnu/packages/django.scm
+++ b/gnu/packages/django.scm
@@ -127,21 +127,7 @@ development and clean, pragmatic design.  It provides many 
tools for building
 any Web site.  Django focuses on automating as much as possible and adhering
 to the @dfn{don't repeat yourself} (DRY) principle.")
     (license license:bsd-3)
-    (properties `((python2-variant . ,(delay python2-django))
-                  (cpe-name . "django")))))
-(define-public python2-django
-  (let ((base (package-with-python2 (strip-python2-variant python-django))))
-    (package
-      (inherit base)
-      (native-inputs
-       `(;; Test requirements for Python 2 taken from
-         ;; tests/requirements/py3.txt: enum34 and mock.
-         ("python2-enum34" ,python2-enum34)
-         ("python2-mock" ,python2-mock)
-         ;; When adding memcached mind: for Python 2 memcached <= 1.53 is
-         ;; required.
-         ,@(package-native-inputs base))))))
+    (properties `((cpe-name . "django")))))
 (define-public python-django-2.2
@@ -239,9 +225,6 @@ with no configuration necessary, but instead 
can be configured
 with arguments to the field constructor.")
     (license license:asl2.0)))
-(define-public python2-django-simple-math-captcha
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-simple-math-captcha))
 (define-public python-django-classy-tags
     (name "python-django-classy-tags")
@@ -377,9 +360,6 @@ size and quality.")
 useful tools for testing Django applications and projects.")
     (license license:bsd-3)))
-(define-public python2-pytest-django
-  (package-with-python2 python-pytest-django))
 (define-public python-django-haystack
     (name "python-django-haystack")
@@ -459,9 +439,6 @@ filter down a queryset based on a model’s fields, 
displaying the form to let
 them do this.")
     (license license:bsd-3)))
-(define-public python2-django-filter
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-filter))
 (define-public python-django-allauth
     (name "python-django-allauth")
@@ -498,9 +475,6 @@ registration, account management as well as 3rd party 
 account authentication.")
     (license license:expat)))
-(define-public python2-django-allauth
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-allauth))
 (define-public python-django-debug-toolbar
     (name "python-django-debug-toolbar")
@@ -586,9 +560,6 @@ queries done via the Django ORM, SQLAlchemy generated 
queries are displayed.")
 templatetags and a full test suite.")
     (license license:expat)))
-(define-public python2-django-gravatar2
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-gravatar2))
 (define-public python-django-assets
     (name "python-django-assets")
@@ -613,9 +584,6 @@ files.  Integrates the webassets library with Django, 
adding support for
 merging, minifying and compiling CSS and Javascript files.")
     (license license:bsd-2)))
-(define-public python2-django-assets
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-assets))
 (define-public python-django-jinja
     (name "python-django-jinja")
@@ -685,9 +653,6 @@ validated JSON in your model.  It silently takes care of 
serialization.  To
 use, simply add the field to one of your models.")
     (license license:expat)))
-(define-public python2-django-jsonfield
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-jsonfield))
 (define-public python-dj-database-url
     (name "python-dj-database-url")
@@ -710,9 +675,6 @@ dictionary, populated with all the data specified in your 
URL.  There is also a
 conn_max_age argument to easily enable Django’s connection pool.")
     (license license:bsd-2)))
-(define-public python2-dj-database-url
-  (package-with-python2 python-dj-database-url))
 (define-public python-django-picklefield
     (name "python-django-picklefield")
@@ -764,9 +726,6 @@ conn_max_age argument to easily enable Django’s connection 
 project aims to bulk update given objects using one query over Django ORM.")
     (license license:expat)))
-(define-public python2-django-bulk-update
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-bulk-update))
 (define-public python-django-contact-form
     (name "python-django-contact-form")
@@ -799,9 +758,6 @@ project aims to bulk update given objects using one query 
over Django ORM.")
 for Django sites.")
     (license license:bsd-3)))
-(define-public python2-django-contact-form
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-contact-form))
 (define-public python-django-contrib-comments
     (name "python-django-contrib-comments")
@@ -824,9 +780,6 @@ used to attach comments to any model, so you can use it for 
comments on blog
 entries, photos, book chapters, or anything else.")
     (license license:bsd-3)))
-(define-public python2-django-contrib-comments
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-contrib-comments))
 (define-public python-django-overextends
     (name "python-django-overextends")
@@ -857,9 +810,6 @@ override and extend templates from other reusable apps, in 
your own Django
     (license license:bsd-2)))
-(define-public python2-django-overextends
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-overextends))
 (define-public python-django-pipeline
     (name "python-django-pipeline")
@@ -938,9 +888,6 @@ support, and optional data-URI image and font embedding.")
       "Full featured redis cache backend for Django.")
     (license license:bsd-3)))
-(define-public python2-django-redis
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-redis))
 (define-public python-django-rq
     (name "python-django-rq")
@@ -977,9 +924,6 @@ Django-RQ is a simple app that allows you to configure your 
queues in django's and easily use them in your project.")
     (license license:expat)))
-(define-public python2-django-rq
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-rq))
 (define-public python-django-q
     (name "python-django-q")
@@ -1035,9 +979,6 @@ The provided SortedManyToManyField behaves like the 
original one but remembers
 the order of added relations.")
     (license license:bsd-3)))
-(define-public python2-django-sortedm2m
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-sortedm2m))
 (define-public python-django-appconf
     (name "python-django-appconf")
@@ -1069,9 +1010,6 @@ django-appconf and can't easily be used as a replacement. 
 The similarity in
 name is purely coincidental.")
     (license license:bsd-3)))
-(define-public python2-django-appconf
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-appconf))
 (define-public python-django-statici18n
     (name "python-django-statici18n")
@@ -1108,9 +1046,6 @@ name is purely coincidental.")
 static files.")
     (license license:bsd-3)))
-(define-public python2-django-statici18n
-  (package-with-python2 python-django-statici18n))
 (define-public python-django-tagging
     (name "python-django-tagging")
@@ -1137,23 +1072,8 @@ static files.")
     (description "This package provides a generic tagging application for
 Django projects, which allows association of a number of tags with any
 @code{Model} instance and makes retrieval of tags simple.")
-    (properties `((python2-variant . ,(delay python2-django-tagging))))
     (license license:bsd-3)))
-(define-public python2-django-tagging
-  (let ((base (package-with-python2
-                (strip-python2-variant python-django-tagging))))
-    (package
-      (inherit base)
-      (version "0.4.6")
-      (source
-        (origin
-          (method url-fetch)
-          (uri (pypi-uri "django-tagging" version))
-          (sha256
-           (base32
-            "0s7b4v45j783yaxs7rni10k24san0ya77nqz4s7zdf3jhfpk42r1")))))))
 (define-public python-djangorestframework
     (name "python-djangorestframework")

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