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[bug#43288] Kdenlive Fixes #2

From: Prafulla Giri
Subject: [bug#43288] Kdenlive Fixes #2
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2020 15:05:45 +0545

Esteemed maintainers,

This is a follow-up to and addresses the second issue mentioned there: breeze icon theme not being found by kdenlive.

Attached are two patches: the first makes the breeze icon theme available to kdenlive during runtime by setting XDG_DATA_DIRS to include the 'share' directory of the breeze package. The second updates kdenlive's source url to follow permanent redirection as reported by `guix lint`.

Thank you.

Attachment: 0001-gnu-kde-kdenlive-Make-breeze-theme-available-at-runt.patch
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Attachment: 0002-gnu-kdenlive-Change-source-URL-to-follow-permanent-r.patch
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