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[bug#43256] [PATCH] gnu: gnunet: Update to 0.13.3.

From: Michael Rohleder
Subject: [bug#43256] [PATCH] gnu: gnunet: Update to 0.13.3.
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2020 15:14:20 +0200
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Brendan Tildesley <> writes:
>>> * gnu/packages/gnunet.scm (gnunet): Update to 0.13.3.
>> If I remeber right, the problem with this bump is that
>> gnunet-gtk doesn't build anymore... ;(
> Ah ok... I guess we wait for a new gnunet-gtk release then ^.^ Should
> I leave this here or close it?

Hmm, idk.

Currently gnunet-gtk compiles, but it doesn't realy work (and I'm still
trying to understand why/fix it...), so we don't loose very much if it fails
to build.

On the other hand, we could just wait for a new release and push both
bump's together.

I tend to the latter as you suggested and close this, but I'm not sure.

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