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bug#43248: [PATCH] Fix coqide

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: bug#43248: [PATCH] Fix coqide
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2020 14:03:23 +0200

Le Sun, 6 Sep 2020 20:02:03 +0200,
raingloom <> a écrit :

> coqide wasn't working because it couldn't find coqidetop.opt, because
> it was being deleted due to being a duplicate of coqidetop.
> I looked at the source to figure out a way to simply convince Coq to
> use coqidetop, but it would have require too much patching, also other
> tools might assume either coqidetop or coqidetop.opt being available,
> so to be safe, I made one into a symlink to the other.
> Coqide now works without any weird workarounds.

Pushed as 1394765238c21030ace4fbb773dc86a9e3c2504c, thank you!

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