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[bug#41011] [PATCH] gnu: grub: Support for network boot via tftp/nfs.

From: Stefan
Subject: [bug#41011] [PATCH] gnu: grub: Support for network boot via tftp/nfs.
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2020 15:07:14 +0200


This debbugs thread got already very long. Therefore I would like to focus on 
the grub changes in this ticket done with my last patch, see 

This patch only introduces a new grub-net bootloader, which basically installs 
grub via its grub-mknetdir command.

There is no modification of other bootloaders. The restriction of the 
“/boot/grub/grub.cfg” file remains.

As usually the DHCP option 67 “Bootfile name” is involved to point the EFI of a 
machine to the file to boot via TFTP, I chose to export (install-grub-net 
subdir) as well to be able to modify that path, whose default is 
/boot/efi/Guix/boot[x64|aa64|…].efi, to something else, e.g.

(bootloader (inherit grub-net-bootloader (installer (install-grub-net 

To be able to boot different machines with their own guix installation, 
however, there is still the problem to provide to each an own grub.cfg file via 
TFTP. This file – as you know – has still a hard coded path of 
/boot/grub/grub.cfg. But this is a different issue and should not be tackled 
with this patch.



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