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[bug#43204] [PATCH] gnu: taglib: Propagate zlib.

From: Pierre Langlois
Subject: [bug#43204] [PATCH] gnu: taglib: Propagate zlib.
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 2020 12:23:43 +0100
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Pierre Langlois writes:

> Hi Michael,
> Michael Rohleder writes:
>> * gnu/packages/mp3.scm (taglib)[inputs]: Move zlib to [propagated-inputs].
>> ---
>> It seems, consumer of taglib (commit 89e1e44813) needs to be linked w/ libz
>> according to the installed pkg-config.
>> I noticed that emacs-emms-print-metadata fails to link with a missing -lz 
>> lib,
>> (I guess, all revdeps of taglib that don't have zlib as an input have that 
>> problem)
> Oh, indeed emacs-emms doesn't build, sorry for the breakage! :-/ I see
> the pkg-config file was changed here 
> Propagating zlib seems like the right thing to do (although I'm not a
> maintainer), thanks for the patch!

Actually, thinking about this a little more, I'm not sure I understand
upstream decision to propagate -lz. The commit fixes [0] which indicates
it's so that taglib can be linked statically, but then that means if
we're dynamically linking, the application will also dynamically link
with zlib when it doesn't need to (at least not directly). And in guix
we only build shared libs for taglib so we're never statically linking

So, here I'm a bit torn here, should we just follow what upstream is
indicating? Even it doesn't look right to me, but I might be wrong! Or,
should we revert the change that propagates -lz?



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