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[bug#42885] [PATCH 2/4] gnu: Add mathjax-bin (MathJax 3).

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: [bug#42885] [PATCH 2/4] gnu: Add mathjax-bin (MathJax 3).
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 2020 23:43:41 +0530

> Arun, Leo, what’s the status of this patch series?
> Can it be applied?

Ricardo has clarified that we may consider the existing js-mathjax 2.7.2
package to have been built from source even though it isn't the form
upstream uses for development. No problems there.

But, like Brendan said, mathjax 3 is quite a different beast. With
mathjax 2, the source was in javascript, and our build system had merely
to minify it. But mathjax 3 is written in typescript that gets compiled
into javascript and then combined into "web component files" (this is
the first I'm hearing of web components and I'm not entirely clear what
they are). Since we don't have a typescript build system, packaging
mathjax 3 may be non-trivial. So, we should proceed with updating
calibre without mathjax support.

> Brendan, to make it clear what the latest version of the patch series is
> (next time), consider adding a “v2” etc. suffix to the subject, like so:
>   git format-patch --subject-prefix="PATCH v2" …

You could also do the slightly shorter

git format-patch -v2 ...


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