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[bug#38650] [PATCH] gnu: adds hackrf

From: Guillaume Le Vaillant
Subject: [bug#38650] [PATCH] gnu: adds hackrf
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2020 17:33:52 +0200
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Christopher Howard <address@hidden> skribis:

> I have asked many times about the new release over the last few months,
> and each time hackrf team says it is a week or so away. But their last
> git commit was in February. Requesting to please proceed with the
> latest commit as represented in this patch. I have added information to
> the description as requested.
> Using the old 2018 release would be unsatisfactory due to an annoying
> bug related to maintaining connections to hackrf devices.

I noticed that the package definition builds 'lib/libhackrf.a';
installing static libraries is usually disabled for Guix packages.
Also, some of the lines of the package definition are indented with tabs
instead of spaces, and the commit message is missing the
" * gnu/packages/radio.scm (hackrf): New variable." line.

> As an additional motivation for adding this, I believe you need
> libhackrf installed to use hackrf with gnuradio, through the osmocom
> interface. (I'm not at the moment quite clear on what exactly you have
> to enable in the gnuradio package definitions to link those together.)
> E.g.,

In theory, adding the hackrf package as input of the gnuradio-osmosdr
package should be enough (the library should be auto-detected when
compiling and the support activated).
However, I don't have the hardware to test if it really works.

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