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[bug#40709] [patch] gnu: add tiemu

From: Christopher Howard
Subject: [bug#40709] [patch] gnu: add tiemu
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2020 20:54:44 -0800

Attached is another patch to add tiemu package definition.

Note that there is a significant bug included: the pedrom files
included with tiemu mysteriously cannot be loaded in tiemu itself,
which is quickly noticed because one of the main menu options is to
load these files. However, I know tiemu itself is working because I was
able to load pre-built pedrom images from the original pedrom package.

I could maybe work on fixing that problem someday, though I don't know
if Guix likes the idea of having any pre-built images in a package,
even though the source is included with them. Maybe those could just be
removed some day along with the menu option to load them.

In any case, we could not include pedrom images from the original
packages as those are built with one non-free component, a standard
library which I think has some kind of modification restriction.

Christopher Howard
p: +1 (907) 374-0257
gpg: ADDEAADE5D607C8D (

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