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[bug#40779] [Version 2] : bug#40779: Acknowledgement (Submission of CRAN

From: Naga Malleswari
Subject: [bug#40779] [Version 2] : bug#40779: Acknowledgement (Submission of CRAN Package Descriptions r-dcv r-stam r-grouped r-sgloptim r-awsmethods r-aws r-tea r-rcdd r-rxnat)
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2020 02:15:10 +0530


On 23/04/20 8:41 pm, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:
> Hi NagaMalli,
> thank you for your patches!
> Please run “./pre-inst-env guix lint” on each of the packages. 
Yes i actually done lint adding all packages which i realized i have to
do it individually. This took me so long to finish the edits.
>  Please
> pay special attention to the description and synopsis fields.  The
> descriptions often contain sentence fragments – we prefer to have
> complete sentences.  Make sure that there are two spaces after end of
> sentence periods — not zero spaces and not just one space either.
I made the changes as per the suggestions.
> For the synopses please only capitalize proper names (like “Bayes”) and
> the first word.  CRAN packages use capitalization for all words, so we
> need to change that.
> Please also run etc/indent-code.el to fix the indentation.  The importer
> doesn’t do the right thing because it doesn’t know about our
> conventions.
I have done and it worked for individual packages
> Could you please send updated patches as a reply to this email thread?
> Thank you!

And lastly i built everything and sending the patches. Please review.

> --
> Ricardo


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