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[bug#40683] Re: [bug#40683] [PATCH] gnu: Add wireguard-module.

From: Brice Waegeneire
Subject: [bug#40683] Re: [bug#40683] [PATCH] gnu: Add wireguard-module.
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2020 12:44:05 +0000
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+    (synopsis "WireGuard loadable kernel module for Linux 3.10
through 5.5")
+    (description "This is a loadable Linux kernel module for
+supporting kernel versions 3.10 through 5.5.  WireGuard was
added to Linux

I think we should say ‘Linux-Libre’ here (yes, even though it
loads on any *Linux) but I'm never entirely sure.


LGTM with these changes, but curious what others think about

None of the similar packages like 'acpi-call-linux-module',
'rtl8812au-aircrack-ng-linux-module', 'ddcci-driver-linux' or 'zfs' use
“Linux-Libre” in their synopsis or description. So using “Linux” should be
good or an other patch should modify all of them.

- Brice

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