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[bug#40715] [PATCH] shepherd: doc: remove 'call/ec'.

From: guy fleury iteriteka
Subject: [bug#40715] [PATCH] shepherd: doc: remove 'call/ec'.
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2020 09:04:45 +0200

* doc/shepherd.texi(call/ec): remove documentation.
 doc/shepherd.texi | 12 ------------
 1 file changed, 12 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/shepherd.texi b/doc/shepherd.texi
index 3e61f5d..5ecd716 100644
--- a/doc/shepherd.texi
+++ b/doc/shepherd.texi
@@ -1111,18 +1111,6 @@ warning messages.  The current implementation is not 
very good,
 @end deffn
-@deffn {procedure} call/cc proc
-An alias for @code{call-with-current-continuation}.
-@end deffn
-@deffn {procedure} call/ec proc
-A simplistic implementation of the nonstandard, but popular procedure
-@code{call-with-escape-continuation}, i.e. a @code{call/cc} for
-outgoing continuations only.  Note that the variant included in the Shepherd is
-not aware of @code{dynamic-wind} at all and does not yet support
-returning multiple values.
-@end deffn
 @cindex system errors
 @deffn {macro} without-system-error expr@dots{}
 Evaluates the @var{expr}s, not going further if a system error occurs,

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