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[bug#40426] [PATCH] Add g-golf

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: [bug#40426] [PATCH] Add g-golf
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2020 15:57:03 +0200


Vitaliy Shatrov via Guix-patches via 写道:
str1ngs and nly want it to be submitted to guix, and i was proudly take this task. Package was copied "as-is", and tested as per Guix manual.

Thank you!

There is desire to package be named "g-golf", and not as "guile-g-golf", as the package name stands for "Gnome: Guile Object Library For".

Too clever for me :-) It's a Guile library; hence the correct Guix name (and variable) is ‘guile-g-golf’. We have plenty of ‘python-pyfoo’ packages to keep it company.

Subject: [PATCH] gnu: Add g-golf

* gnu/packages/guile-xyz.scm (g-golf): New variable

Nitpick: both lines should end with a full stop.

+(define-public g-golf

Could you add a comment here explaining why we use a git commit, instead of a release tarball or tag? I assume there are none; that would do as comment. However…

+  (let ((commit "4a4edf25e4877df9182c77843bdd98ab59e13ef7"))
+    (package
+      (name "g-golf")
+      (version (git-version "1" "683" commit))

…‘1’ means the project has released version 1 prior to this commit, or at least regards this commit as part of the ‘1’ series. I didn't spot any version number on the home page, NEWS file, git tags, …

If there is no ‘1’ release, use ‘0.0.0’.

The second field (REVISION) should be ‘0’, since this is the first *Guix* revision of this package. The idea is that you increment the revision each time you change COMMIT, so Guix knows which commit is newer and can ‘guix package -u’ properly.

Since the 2 should be updated together, bind them together:

 (let ((commit "f00")
       (revision "0")) …

You obviously got ‘683’ from somewhere though.  Where?

+       `(#:tests? #t

Does the guile-build-system disable tests by default? (I skimmed the code but didn't find anything.) Otherwise, this can be omitted.

+         #:phases
+         (modify-phases %standard-phases
+           (add-before 'configure 'tests-work-arounds

Prefer ‘verb-thing’; makes it much easier to skim unfamiliar packages.

In this case we're not really working around the tests themselves, so I'd go with the boring ‘patch-tests’.

+             (lambda* (#:key inputs #:allow-other-keys)
+               ;; In build environment, There is no /dev/tty
+               (substitute*
+                   "test-suite/tests/gobject.scm"
+                 (("/dev/tty") "/dev/null"))))

For now, all phases must return #t. SUBSTITUTE* doesn't, so we need

            (lambda …
              (substitute* "test-suite/tests/gobject.scm"
                (("/dev/tty") "/dev/null"))

No need to put the file name on its own line here.

+           (add-before 'configure 'substitute-libs

Bytes are cheap: ‘libraries’.

Kind regards,


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