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bug#40593: Added emacs-uml-mode

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: bug#40593: Added emacs-uml-mode
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2020 11:12:33 +0200
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Alberto EFG <address@hidden> writes:

> Added emacs-uml-mode. I used the same branch where I wrote
> emacs-org-roam (bug#40591) hope it is ok.

Thank you.

Note that adding all new packages at the end of the file is likely to
create merge conflicts. If they are tied, send them in the same bug

> +(define-public emacs-uml-mode
> +  (package
> +   (name "emacs-uml-mode")
> +   (version "0.0.4")

This is not an official release. So I added a commit, a revision, and
a comment. Therefore, the line became:

  (version (git-version "0.0.4" revision commit))

> +   (source
> +    (origin
> +     (method git-fetch)
> +     (uri (git-reference
> +           (url "";)
> +           (commit "4c37ac1c4424b2313cd8f16ba48a98a4cc214200")))

As a consequence of the "no revision" situation, the line above  became:

  (commit commit)

> +     (file-name (git-file-name name version))
> +     (sha256
> +      (base32
> +       "145i4srnfvd1vyibri2a1l6p9mbjvkkwlrpi41134pbarqffcnka"))))
> +   (build-system emacs-build-system)
> +   (home-page "";)
> +   (synopsis "Minor mode for editing ascii UML sequence diagrams")
> +   (description "@code{emacs-uml-mode} is a minor mode that
> + makes it easy to build ascii UML sequence diagrams in Emacs,
> +which can be embedded in source code, comments or emails.")
> +   (license license:gpl3)))

Please also see my comments about "emacs-org-roam" (indentation, commit,


Nicolas Goaziou

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