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[bug#40601] [PATCH 0/5] Handle runit-based foreign distributions

From: Vincent Legoll
Subject: [bug#40601] [PATCH 0/5] Handle runit-based foreign distributions
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2020 18:04:49 +0200
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And assorted small fixes around the subject.

The first 3 patches are smallish things.

Maybe the REQUIRED array could get other
missing requirements: tar (or maybe the "tr"
item is a typoed tar, I've found no use of tr),
mkdir, ln, usermod, useradd, cp, cat...

The handling of local files for is to
help testing modified / locally generated binary

One thing that is working as-is, but that I'm not sure
is right: The runit script in the guix-binary tarball is
patched for the shebang to point to /gnu/store/...

This looks wrong even if it is working, the interpreter
for that script should be the one of the foreign distro.

But this is not specific to the runit support, the sysv
scripts also are shebang-patched.

How would I tell guix not to patch these files's shebangs ?


This series has been tested on void linux i686 in qemu
kvm with:

- upload locally build guix-binary tarball &
to VM
- run guix-binary.i686-linux.tar.xz

1) guix search hello
2) guix show hello
3) guix build hello
4) guix gc -D/gnu/store/*hello*
5) guix build --no-substitutes hello (stopped as it was rebuilding the world)
6) guix package -u
7) guix pull
8) guix package -u
9) guix gc

So the download part is not tested, but all ran well.

Vincent Legoll

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