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[bug#40485] Acknowledgement (gnu: Update libxfce4ui to 4.15.2.)

From: Naga Malleswari
Subject: [bug#40485] Acknowledgement (gnu: Update libxfce4ui to 4.15.2.)
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2020 02:12:42 +0530


Finally It worked......Submitting the patch for review.

Now xfce4-embed-plugin is building fine after i modified the input to
old version of libxfce4ui.

I referred the older commit message from help2man from the log. I am
still not sure about it.

Its the same code i have sent you. I used the origin block. And (name  
x) was the only difference.

On 09/04/20 3:49 am, Danny Milosavljevic wrote:
> + (inherit libxfce4ui-1)
> +    (name "libxfce4ui") ; not necessary but I like it for no reason
> +    (version "4.15.2")
> +    (source (origin ; necessary block!!
I used the same. I added name block. It worked !!!
> $ ./pre-inst-env guix build libxfce4ui@4.14.1
> /gnu/store/fk1ziblzyslg9z7gpm9j410jfgwbilsr-libxfce4ui-4.14.1
> $ ./pre-inst-env guix build libxfce4ui@4.15.2
> /gnu/store/cy5wyx1zrq9ahp6zl0wjpv0nd0a6hpkb-libxfce4ui-4.15.2

It worked the same.

1) If name block is removed in latest.   Its building the older version.

2)  /latest is also removed from variable. Would i make a difference?

> ewline)
>   (write (package-version b))
>   (newline)
Thanks for such a long explanation. It took a bit of time for me.
> package "b" would have: (name "b") and (version "b").
>     Guile variables are invisible to the end user of the "guix" tool.


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