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[bug#26645] Potluck still relivant

From: Brice Waegeneire
Subject: [bug#26645] Potluck still relivant
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2020 16:11:11 +0000
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Hello Jack,

On 2020-03-18 20:03, Jack Hill wrote:
Hi Guix,

I was looking through some old issue, and wondering if potluck is
still relevant now that we have channels.

Reading through the initial email[0] by Andy the potlock feature seems
to be way more extensive than channels: it allows one to create simple
packages in an interactive manner and centralize the discoverability of
such packages. Channels provide us a way to create package outise of
Guix proper but finding channels containing the package you are looking
for is still an unsolved problem.

He even write the following:
So, remaining tasks to do:
(3) Someone needs to design and implement a "guix channel" facility to
    take advantage of this branch :)  Until then, GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
    and the -L argument are the things to use.

Shall we close this issue?

Having an answer form Andy or Ludovic on this front you be great.


- Brice

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