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[bug#40356] Update meson package Description in build-tools.scm

From: Jonathan Brielmaier
Subject: [bug#40356] Update meson package Description in build-tools.scm
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2020 00:43:01 +0200
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On 31.03.20 22:10, Naga Malleswari wrote:
> Hi
> I tried to update polari package description in gnome. It resulted unmet
> dependency that meson should be greater than .51 where existing package
> description was lower. So i have updated the package description in
> build-tools.scm and sending the patch. Once this is done i will try
> updating polari.
> I guess i am following the correct method.

Hello Naga,

yes, you are following the correct method for submitting patches.
Although we already have meson at version 0.53.2, just not in the master
branch yet.

It is only in the core-updates branch:

This is due to the fact that many (some thousand) packages depend on
meson. So if we update meson, we have to rebuild all those packages.
This should not happen on the master branch. For more information see
point 8 at

Good night

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