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[bug#38408] [PATCH v9 3/8] Added Guile-Semver as a dependency to guix

From: Martin Becze
Subject: [bug#38408] [PATCH v9 3/8] Added Guile-Semver as a dependency to guix
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2020 14:35:47 -0400

A few things got stale and need to be merged so I have regenerated the patch set! Let me know if there is anymore things to do.

On 3/11/20 4:20 PM, Martin Becze wrote:
This seems stuck again. Is there anymore to do or discuss with this patch? Thanks!

On 2/23/20 4:05 PM, Martin Becze wrote:
Ok here is a correct version, I addded guile3.0-semver and used that in (guix self) instead of guile-semver. Let me know if this works! Cheers!

On 2/21/20 11:25 AM, Martin Becze wrote:

On 2/21/20 4:01 AM, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
Hi Martin,

Sounds good.  Could you please squash it with the commit that adds
support for semver?

Squashed and attached as v10-0002-guix-import-crate-Use-semver-to-resovle-module-v.patch

Also, we may want to add guile-semver to ‘dependencies’ in
‘compiled-guix’ in (guix self).  That way, a pulled guix will have
guile-semver available, and thus ‘guix import crate’ will work out of
the box.

I added that it is attached as v10-0008-guix-self-added-guile-semver-as-a-depenedency.patch But I'm not sure how to test guix pull to see if it correctly brought in guile-semver!

Attachment: v11-0009-guix-self-added-guile-semver-as-a-depenedency.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: v11-0008-gnu-Add-guile3.0-semver.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: v11-0007-guix-import-parametrized-importing-of-dev-depend.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: v11-0006-guix-import-utils-trim-patch-version-from-names.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: v11-0005-guix-import-crate-memorize-crate-guix-package.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: v11-0004-guix-import-crate-deduplicate-dependencies.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: v11-0003-guix-import-utils-allow-generation-of-inputs-to-.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: v11-0002-guix-import-crate-Use-semver-to-resovle-module-v.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: v11-0001-guix-import-recursive-import-Allow-for-version-n.patch
Description: Text Data

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