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[bug#40042] [PATCH] gnu: ghc-extra: Update to 1.7.1.

From: Marius Bakke
Subject: [bug#40042] [PATCH] gnu: ghc-extra: Update to 1.7.1.
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2020 19:49:50 +0100
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address@hidden writes:

> From: Alexandru-Sergiu Marton <address@hidden>
> * gnu/packages/haskell-xyz.scm (ghc-extra): Update to 1.7.1.

Note that we follow the Stackage LTS releases to ensure the various
Haskell packages work nicely together.  The latest Stackage release of
Extra is 1.6.21, as reported by 'guix refresh':

$ ./pre-inst-env guix refresh ghc-extra
following redirection to `'...
following redirection to `'...
gnu/packages/haskell-xyz.scm:3777:13: warning: 1.7.1 is greater than the latest 
known version of ghc-extra (1.6.21)

So I wonder if we should downgrade this package to avoid compatibility
problems.  Thoughts?

By the way, if you use './pre-inst-env guix refresh -u PACKAGE-NAME' to
update packages, it will choose the correct version for you.

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