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[bug#40145] [PATCH] gnu: Add squid.

From: Vincent Legoll
Subject: [bug#40145] [PATCH] gnu: Add squid.
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2020 11:55:22 +0100

The attached patch adds squid caching proxy so that we can all start
saving precious network bandwidth.

I lightly tested it with the attached squid config file, in foreground
mode, like the following:

# Create temporary test space for squid
mkdir /tmp/squid
# Create the hashed store directories
/gnu/store/szbiglrkvll6qdxcrg3ir0hz8zdc9h5f-squid-4.10/sbin/squid -N
-f ./squid.conf -z
# Run squid
/gnu/store/szbiglrkvll6qdxcrg3ir0hz8zdc9h5f-squid-4.10/sbin/squid -N
-f ./squid.conf

# In another shell
export http_proxy=localhost:3128
export https_proxy=localhost:3128
time wget
time wget
less /tmp/squid/access.log
less /tmp/squid/cache.log
ls -lah /tmp/squid/00/00

There's no shepherd ready to run service &
config definitions, as I still don't know how
to do that.

I'll try to create one, if no one beats me to
it, but it may already be useful as-is...

Vincent Legoll

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