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[bug#40060] [PATCH 1/2] gnu: youtube-dl: Use ffmpeg and pycryptodome

From: Brice Waegeneire
Subject: [bug#40060] [PATCH 1/2] gnu: youtube-dl: Use ffmpeg and pycryptodome
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 09:06:57 +0000
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On 2020-03-14 22:17, Tobias Geerinckx-Rice via Guix-patches via wrote:
Brice Waegeneire 写道:
WARNING: You have requested multiple formats but ffmpeg or avconv are
not installed. The formats won't be merged.

NOTE: This message appear when using a format option like this

This message is one of the best I've seen.  It clearly explains to the
user what's (not) going to happen, and what they can do to change that
*if* they want to.  Hence I think adding ffmpeg as a hard dependency
is incorrect.

What about this one?

#+begin_src sh
$ youtue-dl\?v\=dp8PhLsUcFE
[youtube] dp8PhLsUcFE: Downloading webpage
[youtube] dp8PhLsUcFE: Downloading m3u8 information
[youtube] dp8PhLsUcFE: Downloading MPD manifest
[download] Destination: Bloomberg Global Financial News-dp8PhLsUcFE.mp4
ERROR: m3u8 download detected but ffmpeg or avconv could not be found. Please install one.

When downloading a live stream from (and proabably others),
~youtube-dl~ needs ffmpeg to download the HLS stream – I tried with just
~pycryptodome~ and it doesn't work.

(I'd also oppose a youtube-dl-full variant, by the way.  Packages
aren't the right place for this; profiles are.)

Does youtube-dl print a similarly clear message when pycryptodome is
needed but missing?  If not, that addition LGTM with a

 ("pycryptodome" ,pycryptodome) ; for the hlsnative downloader

#+begin_src sh
$ youtube-dl
[ivi] 146500: Downloading video JSON
ERROR: pycryptodomex not found. Please install it.

#+begin_src python
self.report_error('pycrypto not found. Please install it.')

I digged a little deeper about this dependency, ~pycryptodome~
replace the deprecated ~pycrypto~ library with the same name space
(=Crypto=) while ~pycryptodomex~ uses it's own name space (=Cryptodome=) to
provide similar functionality.

#+begin_src python
                'hlsnative has detected features it does not support, '
                'extraction will be delegated to ffmpeg')

So I'm not sure if adding ~pycryptodome(x)~ is that useful after all.
Especially if it can't totally replace ~ffmpeg~ when donating HLS streams.

comment.  Cover letters & commit messages age badly.


I think ~ffmpeg~ should be an input of ~youtube-dl~ while ~pycrytodome(x)~ don't need to since most (except the ivi downloader it seems) functionality
can be achieved with ~ffmpeg~. WDYT?

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