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[bug#39881] Add couchdb

From: Lars-Dominik Braun
Subject: [bug#39881] Add couchdb
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2020 10:07:26 +0100
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Hi Efraim,

> There are a couple of bundled fonts as well as bundled javascript inside
> the share directory, which also makes it to the output.
we can probably unbundle fontawesome, but not their own font. The web frontend
(fauxton) depends on NPM and a bunch of JavaScript packages – nothing we can do
about that.

> Looking at %out/lib/ it looks like there are a bunch of other libraries
> bundled with couchdb. I don't know much about erlang but I assume all
> these libraries should be unbundled. Looking inside erlang I see there
> are also a lot of what looks like bundled libraries so I'm not really
> sure how that goes.
As far as I see there is a mix between bundled external libraries and those
internal to couchdb. External libraries in src/ are:

- bear (
- dreyfus (
- folsom (
- hyper (
- jiffy (
- meck (
- mochiweb (
- proper (
- rebar (
- recon (
- snappy (

All modules are also mirrored by the Apache project here
so it might be possible to build most of them “out of tree”, i.e. create
separate packages and somehow “link” to them. I’ll look into that when I have
some time, but I’m not an Erlang guru. In the meantime I’ll be maintaining the
package over here[1], since the current state is not good enough for inclusion
into guix.

> Anyway, take a look at the changes I made and see if anything/everything
> works :)
Yep, I can confirm the server and web interface are working.

Thanks for the review,


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