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[bug#39747] [PATCH 3/7] gnu: java-openjfx-graphics: Implement a complete

From: levenson
Subject: [bug#39747] [PATCH 3/7] gnu: java-openjfx-graphics: Implement a complete compilation.
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2020 14:08:02 +0100
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I have updated the patch. 

Leo Famulari <address@hidden> writes:

> On Sat, Feb 22, 2020 at 09:17:51PM +0100, Alexey Abramov wrote:
>> +           (name "java-openjfx-graphics")
>> +           (arguments
>> +            `(#:jar-name "java-openjfx-graphics.jar"
>> +              #:source-dir "modules/graphics/src/main/java"
>> +              #:tests? #f               ; requires X
>> +              #:test-dir "modules/graphics/src/test"
>> +              #:test-include (list "**/*Test.*")
>> +              #:modules ((guix build ant-build-system)
>> +                         (guix build utils)
>> +                         (srfi srfi-1)
>> +                         (srfi srfi-26)
>> +                         (ice-9 regex)
>> +                         (ice-9 match))
> [...]
> Wow, this might be one of the longest package definitions in Guix :)

Yeah, OpenJDK has two build instruction procedures for u8 and u9. I was
thinking about some helpers to reduce the amount of code but wasn't sure
if it's going to work/help for u9. My goal was to package davmail, so I
started packaging what I had been using to run it.

> I can't review it in detail but if it's working for you, okay. Just make
> sure to run `./pre-inst-env guix lint java-openjfx-graphics` and fix any
> cosmetic issues.

In my case it complains about:

1. Patch file name, which is added to the java-openjfx-build package. I
can rename it, but I am guessing it will start complaining on
java-openjfx-build. Bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

2. java-openjfx-build is not under Software Heritage, hence the

3. Lines are too long, All lines are shorter than 120 for
sure. I would prefer to keep them as it is. It is easier to read. 

> Maybe some of the Guix Java experts can give it a closer review...

That would be great, cause I did build a lot of native libraries, but
not all of them. fontT2k for example which is a fallback library for
some fonts engines.


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