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[bug#39862] [PATCH 0/4] update Dune finite element packages

From: zimoun
Subject: [bug#39862] [PATCH 0/4] update Dune finite element packages
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2020 15:53:27 +0100

Hi Felix,

Thank for working on that.

On Sun, 1 Mar 2020 at 21:07, Felix Gruber <address@hidden> wrote:

> I've updated the packages of the Dune finite element library to properly
> set up OpenMPI before running their tests instead of disabling all the
> tests that failed due to mis-configured OpenMPI.
> BTW, some other packages exist in variants with and without OpenMPI,
> e.g. the dealii and dealii-openmpi packages. Do you think that it would
> be useful to provide similar variants for the dune-* packages, which
> could also be built without OpenMPI?

As an end-user, I prefer regular packages 'dune-*' without the input
'openmpi' and so with the related tests disabled and then their
variants; say 'dune-*-openmpi' with the input 'openmpi' correctly
setup-ed, as in your patch.

> I've checked that all Dune packages still build after my changes (there
> don't seem to be any other packages that depend on the dune-* packages).
> Those builds were done using the updated suitesparse package that I've
> submitted in bug #39839.

Usually, 'guix refresh -l' lists the packages that would need to be
rebuilt when upgrading a particular one.

All the best,

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