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[bug#38160] GNOME Keyring service

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [bug#38160] GNOME Keyring service
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2019 15:21:24 +0100
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Hi Leo,

Leo Prikler <address@hidden> skribis:


>> BTW, do you think ‘gnome-service-type’ should always enable
>> ‘gnome-keyring-service-type’?  I would think it’s a good idea.
>> Thoughts?
>> Ludo’.
> I'm not too sure about that, to be honest.
> 1. Using GNOME does not imply using its Keyring.  I personally have one
> Guix machine, which just uses GNOME to launch some games, and I could
> imagine some Guix folks do the same with Emacs.  
> 2. The default configuration is made so that it works with GDM, which
> is reasonable, as that is the default for Guix as well.  However, it
> would be possible to launch GNOME from other DMs, which would need
> different configuration.
> Of course, since the service itself is rather small, it would likely
> just "do nothing" for both groups.  However, I would still prefer the
> explicit composition of services over an implicit one – unless a "GNOME
> with GDM and everything else" service was to be added to Guix. 
> Alternatively, we could define a variable %gnome-desktop-services,
> which extends %desktop-services with GNOME, this service, and some
> other GNOME-related services, e.g. one for evolution-data-server.

OK.  I don’t use GNOME myself but I think the goal is for
‘gnome-service-type’ and ‘%desktop-services’ to provide something that
works out of the box, and that’s why I thought it might make sense to
have the keyring service as a default.

But anyway, I understand what you’re saying, so we can leave it as is
and we can always revisit it later if someone feels a need.



PS: Please keep the bug Cc’d.

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