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[bug#38390] [core-updates] Scheme-only bootstrap: merge wip-bootstrap

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: [bug#38390] [core-updates] Scheme-only bootstrap: merge wip-bootstrap
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2019 07:53:32 +0100
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Jan Nieuwenhuizen writes:

>>> ERROR: object
>>> '/tmp/guix-build-acl-2.2.53.drv-0/acl-2.2.53/.libs/'
>>> from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored. != ~
>> We should have a debugging session for this one.  :-)
> I would love that; I looked into it today but there is some dependency
> that I do not grok yet...

Just a heads-up: In a productive and fun debugging session yesterday in
Marrakech Ludo and I got a fix in for this!  This means that I now
consider `wip-bootstrap' functionally correct.

Earlier this week, Ludo and I found a way to not add Gash or Gash Core
Utils to the Bootstrap Seed and instead build them as first packages
using %bootstrap-guile.

We will be working on a rewrite of wip-bootstrap to have it use Gash
wip-0.2.0+ and include a number of cleanups.

Here is my current TODO list

  * base bootstrap on Gash wip-0.20.0 (plus janneke's 2 patches)
  * remove %bootstrap-gash (with gash core utils) from bootstrap seed
  * look at possibility/cost to avoid updating the mescc-tools and mes
    bootstrap binaries
  * remove any generated (gitlab/github) tarballs
  * look into awkward combined bash+gash dependency of glibc-mesboot0
  * add some %bootX-input stages, at least when reached gcc-mesboot1
  * commit messages: Use "Use Gash instead of coretutils&co." rather than
    "Scheme-only bootstrap."
  * some smaller cleanups and nitpicks here and there


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