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[bug#37094] [PATCH 1-3/3] gnu: Add nomad.

From: Amar Singh
Subject: [bug#37094] [PATCH 1-3/3] gnu: Add nomad.
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2019 12:22:36 +0530

>From the package description:

Nomad is an Emacs-like Web Browser built using Webkitgtk and
Emacsy.  It has a small C backend and most browser features are fully
programmable in Guile.  It has hooks, keymaps, and self documentation

Though it requires a few changes to existing packages:


1. Shroud related patches
 a. update to 0.1.2: brings Guile-2.2 support

Related issue:

2. Emacsy related patches
 a. Add guile-emacsy package,
   $ guix size emacsy ... total: 1136.3 MiB
   $ guix size guile-emacsy ... total: 132.3 MiB

Related issue:
(Discussion about "emacsy" vs "guile-emacsy" naming)

3. Nomad related patches
 a. Add 'Nomad' package in guile-xyz.scm

4. [Optional] Emacsy package can also be cleaned up a bit, mostly
 removal of propagated-inputs. Though that's a seperate issue.
 [patch 04 attached]


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