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bug#36663: [PATCH 00/14] Add elm compiler dependencies

From: Timothy Sample
Subject: bug#36663: [PATCH 00/14] Add elm compiler dependencies
Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2019 00:03:15 -0400
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Hi Robert,

Robert Vollmert <address@hidden> writes:

> This adds various Haskell dependencies of the elm compiler, from
> stackage lts-12.26.
> Robert Vollmert (14):
>   gnu: Add ghc-snap-core
>   gnu: add ghc-snap-server
>   gnu: Add ghc-http-streams
>   gnu: Add ghc-http-common
>   gnu: Add ghc-hsopenssl
>   gnu: Add ghc-openssl-streams
>   gnu: Add ghc-language-glsl
>   gnu: Add ghc-readable
>   gnu: Add ghc-io-streams-haproxy
>   gnu: Add ghc-zlib-bindings
>   gnu: Add ghc-io-streams
>   gnu: Add ghc-prettyclass
>   gnu: Add ghc-threads
>   gnu: Add ghc-concurrent-extra

I reordered these to follow the dependency graph (i.e., a package’s
dependencies show up before it does).  I also did some reformatting and
some touch-ups to the synopses, descriptions, and commit messages.  They
are now pushed as 6b34d01cbf–8ede1021c8.


-- Tim

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