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[bug#36807] Please merge wip-haskell-updates (Re: [bug#36807] remove obs

From: Robert Vollmert
Subject: [bug#36807] Please merge wip-haskell-updates (Re: [bug#36807] remove obsolete broken haskell packages)
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2019 18:23:30 +0200

Hi all, Timothy,

On 25. Jul 2019, at 15:29, Timothy Sample <address@hidden> wrote:
> Other than that, LGTM.  Thanks!  (Do you have commit access now or
> should I push these?)

I do have commit access now, but for the moment I’m keeping to the
branch wip-haskell-updates.

Thus, I’d ask you (or someone) to merge that (or the parts you deem
appropriate). I’ve incorporated your comments, and removed
ghc-packedstring. In addition, the branch incorporates some other

#36493: updating GHC-included haskell dependencies (this one is already
        in core-updates)
#36562: downgrade ansi-terminal to be compatible with the package set
#36663: adding elm compiler dependencies (just a few extra ghc packages)
#36692: GHC version 8.6.5 (just as a package for now, not used to build
#36807: this bug report, removing three deprecated packages
no ticket: Skip tests for three Haskell packages that fail on i686 only
        (and seem harmless): ghc-trifecta, ghc-yaml, ghc-libmpd-haskell.


> Hi Robert,
> Robert Vollmert <address@hidden> writes:
>> This series removes some outdated packages that don’t build and
>> aren’t depend on.
> I remember that we intended to remove these last year.  Indeed, Ricardo
> mentioned it when we were finishing up the upgrade to GHC 8.4:
> Based on that, we could also get rid of “ghc-packedstring” if it doesn’t
> have any dependants.

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