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[bug#35880] [PATCH 7/7] lzlib: 'lzread!' never returns more than it was

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: [bug#35880] [PATCH 7/7] lzlib: 'lzread!' never returns more than it was asked for.
Date: Mon, 27 May 2019 09:00:03 +0200

It does make sense, but then don't we have the same issue with zlib.scm:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
(define gzread!
  (let ((proc (zlib-procedure int "gzread" (list '* '* unsigned-int))))
    (lambda* (gzfile bv #:optional (start 0) (count (bytevector-length bv)))
      "Read up to COUNT bytes from GZFILE into BV at offset START.  Return the
number of uncompressed bytes actually read; it is zero if COUNT is zero or if
the end-of-stream has been reached."
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

I initially tried to mimic zlib.scm and this part confused me a lot back then.

Pierre Neidhardt

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