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[bug#29951] [PATCH] WIP guix: Add wrap-script.

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: [bug#29951] [PATCH] WIP guix: Add wrap-script.
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2018 23:26:20 -0700
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Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> writes:

> This is the result in “/tmp/test-python”:
> #!/home/rekado/.guix-profile/bin/guile --no-auto-compile
> #!#; Guix wrapper
> #\-(begin (let ((current (getenv "PYTHONPATH"))) (setenv "PYTHONPATH" (if 
> current (string-append "/foo/bar:whatever" ":" current) 
> "/foo/bar:whatever"))) (let ((current (getenv "FOOBAR"))) (setenv "FOOBAR" 
> (if current (string-append current ":" "/to/me") "/to/me"))))
> #\-(apply execl 
> "/gnu/store/iyy9w0hcxv4dg9q92d4g023vvz50r5bq-python-3.5.3/bin/python3.5" (car 
> (command-line)) (command-line))
> #!/gnu/store/iyy9w0hcxv4dg9q92d4g023vvz50r5bq-python-3.5.3/bin/python3.5
> import sys
> from lib2to3.main import main
> sys.exit(main("lib2to3.fixes"))

I understand that the part beginning with #! and ending with !# are a
block comment in scheme, so they will be ignored by Guile, and that
"Guix wrapper" shows up after a ;, so it will also be considered a
comment by Guile, but I don't understand why the lines following that
need to begin with #\-.  I also don't understand why Guile doesn't
complain about it.  Why do the lines begin with #\-?


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