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bug#31621: [PATCH 2/3] gnu: service: Add hpcguix-web.

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#31621: [PATCH 2/3] gnu: service: Add hpcguix-web.
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2018 10:05:23 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/25.3 (gnu/linux)


(+Cc: Roel.)

Rouby Pierre-Antoine <address@hidden> skribis:

> * gnu/service/web.scm (<hpcguix-web-configuration>): New record-type.
>   (%hpcguix-web-accounts): New variable.
>   (%hpcguix-web-activation,hpcguix-web-shepherd-service,
>   hpcguix-web-service-type): New procedures.
> * doc/guix.texi (Web Services): Add 'hpcguix-web'.

I found the test ;-), sorry for the confusion.

I squashed the test with the other commit (because they logically belong
to the same change), and I applied it with the changes below.

Thank you!


diff --git a/doc/guix.texi b/doc/guix.texi
index 9b9ce0f77..3b5078741 100644
--- a/doc/guix.texi
+++ b/doc/guix.texi
@@ -16163,30 +16163,32 @@ A simple setup for cat-avatar-generator can look like 
 @subsubheading Hpcguix-web
 @cindex hpcguix-web
-The @code{hpcguix-web} is web interface to @code{Guix} packages visualizations.
+The @uref{hpcguix-web,}
+program is a customizable web interface to browse Guix packages,
+initially designed for users of high-performance computing (HPC)
 @defvr {Scheme Variable} hpcguix-web-service-type
-A service type for @code{hpcguix-web}.
+The service type for @code{hpcguix-web}.
 @end defvr
 @deftp {Data Type} hpcguix-web-configuration
-Data Type for @code{hpcguix-web} service configuration.
+Data type for the hpcguix-web service configuration.
 @table @asis
 @item @code{specs}
-The @code{hpcguix-web} @code{gexp} service
+A gexp (@pxref{G-Expressions}) specifying the hpcguix-web service
+configuration.  The main items available in this spec are:
 @table @asis
 @item @code{title-prefix} (default: @code{"hpcguix | "})
 The page title prefix.
 @item @code{guix-command} (default: @code{"guix"})
-The @code{Guix} command.
+The @command{guix} command.
 @item @code{package-filter-proc} (default: @code{(const #t)})
-Package filter.
+A procedure specifying how to filter packages that are displayed.
 @item @code{package-page-extension-proc} (default: @code{(const '())})
 Extension package for @code{hpcguix-web}.
@@ -16194,17 +16196,26 @@ Extension package for @code{hpcguix-web}.
 @item @code{menu} (default: @code{'()})
 Additional entry in page @code{menu}.
 @end table
+See the hpcguix-web repository for a
+complete example}.
address@hidden @code{package} (default: @code{hpcguix-web})
+The hpcguix-web package to use.
 @end table
 @end deftp
+A typical hpcguix-web service declaration looks like this:
-(services (cons* (service hpcguix-web-service-type
-                          (hpcguix-web-configuration
-                           (specs
-                            #~(define site-config
-                                (hpcweb-configuration
-                                 (title-prefix "Guix-HPC - ")
-                                 (menu '(("/about" "ABOUT"))))))))
+(service hpcguix-web-service-type
+         (hpcguix-web-configuration
+          (specs
+           #~(define site-config
+               (hpcweb-configuration
+                (title-prefix "Guix-HPC - ")
+                (menu '(("/about" "ABOUT"))))))))
 @end example
 @node Certificate Services
diff --git a/gnu/services/web.scm b/gnu/services/web.scm
index d8acc9549..aae2f3db0 100644
--- a/gnu/services/web.scm
+++ b/gnu/services/web.scm
@@ -902,13 +902,15 @@ a webserver.")
             (root #~(string-append #$package
 (define-record-type* <hpcguix-web-configuration>
-  hpcguix-web-configuration
-  make-hpcguix-web-configuration
+  hpcguix-web-configuration make-hpcguix-web-configuration
+  (package  hpcguix-web-package (default hpcguix-web)) ;<package>
   ;; Specs is gexp of hpcguix-web configuration file
-  (specs hpcguix-web-configuration-specs))
+  (specs    hpcguix-web-configuration-specs))
 (define %hpcguix-web-accounts
   (list (user-group
@@ -922,7 +924,7 @@ a webserver.")
          (home-directory "/var/empty")
          (shell (file-append shadow "/sbin/nologin")))))
-(define (%hpcguix-web-activation config)
+(define %hpcguix-web-activation
       (use-modules (guix build utils))
       (let ((home-dir "/var/cache/guix/web")
@@ -932,7 +934,8 @@ a webserver.")
         (chmod home-dir #o755))))
 (define (hpcguix-web-shepherd-service config)
-  (let* ((specs (hpcguix-web-configuration-specs config)))
+  (let ((specs       (hpcguix-web-configuration-specs config))
+        (hpcguix-web (hpcguix-web-package config)))
     (with-imported-modules (source-module-closure
                             '((gnu build shepherd)))
@@ -940,25 +943,23 @@ a webserver.")
        (provision     '(hpcguix-web))
        (requirement   '(networking))
        (start #~(make-forkexec-constructor
-                 (list (string-append #$hpcguix-web "/bin/run")
+                 (list #$(file-append hpcguix-web "/bin/run")
                        (string-append "--config="
                                       #$(scheme-file "hpcguix-web.scm" specs)))
                  #:user "hpcguix-web"
                  #:group "hpcguix-web"
-                 (list (string-append "XDG_CACHE_HOME="
-                                      "/var/cache"))))
+                 (list "XDG_CACHE_HOME=/var/cache")))
        (stop #~(make-kill-destructor))))))
 (define hpcguix-web-service-type
    (name 'hpcguix-web)
-   (description
-    "Run hpcguix-web daemon @command{run}.")
+   (description "Run the hpcguix-web server.")
     (list (service-extension account-service-type
                              (const %hpcguix-web-accounts))
           (service-extension activation-service-type
-                             %hpcguix-web-activation)
+                             (const %hpcguix-web-activation))
           (service-extension shepherd-root-service-type
                              (compose list hpcguix-web-shepherd-service))))))

diff --git a/gnu/tests/web.scm b/gnu/tests/web.scm
index 474a5bdb5..a6bf6efcf 100644
--- a/gnu/tests/web.scm
+++ b/gnu/tests/web.scm
@@ -286,7 +286,7 @@ HTTP-PORT, along with php-fpm."
+;;; hpcguix-web
 (define* (run-hpcguix-web-server-test name test-os)
@@ -329,15 +329,14 @@ HTTP-PORT, along with php-fpm."
                    (match (assq-ref response-parts 'running)
                      ((pid) (number? pid))))))
           (test-equal "http-get"
-            (let-values
-                (((response text)
-                  (begin
-                    (sleep 3)           ; HACK wait service available
-                    (http-get "http://localhost:8080";))))
-              (response-code response)))
+            (begin
+              (wait-for-tcp-port 5000 marionette)
+              (let-values (((response text)
+                            (http-get "http://localhost:8080";)))
+                (response-code response))))
           (exit (= (test-runner-fail-count (test-runner-current)) 0)))))
@@ -360,5 +359,5 @@ HTTP-PORT, along with php-fpm."
 (define %test-hpcguix-web
    (name "hpcguix-web")
-   (description "Connect to a running HPCGUIX-WEB server.")
+   (description "Connect to a running hpcguix-web server.")
    (value (run-hpcguix-web-server-test name %hpcguix-web-os))))

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