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[bug#31479] [PATCH 3/3] gnu: Update shogun to 6.1.3.

From: Kei Kebreau
Subject: [bug#31479] [PATCH 3/3] gnu: Update shogun to 6.1.3.
Date: Tue, 29 May 2018 16:55:51 -0400
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Kei Kebreau <address@hidden> writes:

> Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> writes:
>> Hi Kei,
>> please also note that Shogun contains references to proprietary
>> software.  It has support for SVMLight, which is non-free software.  It
>> includes a script to remove all references to and adapters for SVMLight,
>> but unfortunately we cannot run shell scripts in a snippet.  Changing
>> this requires changing the “package” syntax to delay evaluation more.
>> Until then we need to remove the non-free bits in code, which is what
>> the current snippet does, but the code would need to be adjusted for
>> version 6.1.3.
>> Thanks for taking this on!
>> --
>> Ricardo
> Thank you for the tip!
> I've attached the four patches that make it possible to build Shogun
> 6.1.3 successfully, and I'm just looking through the source code to
> remove the proprietary bits.
> P.S. Ricardo, you'll notice the eigen patch is actually yours from
> another patchset! I verified that it works as expected.

The shogun patch below builds successfully for me! If no corrections
need to be made, I'll push this patch series to master!

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