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[bug#30355] [PATCH] services: agetty: Make tty optional and add agetty i

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [bug#30355] [PATCH] services: agetty: Make tty optional and add agetty instance to base services.
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2018 23:00:27 +0100
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Danny Milosavljevic <address@hidden> skribis:

>> Please make that a single ‘filter’ or ‘remove’ call, for clarity.
> OK!
>> Rather:
>>   (match (append agetty-specs console-specs)
>>     (() #f)
>>     ((spec _ ...)
>>      (string-tokenize spec not-comma)))
> Crashes boot process with form error ().
> I can't get "match" to work at all in this location.
> It works fine when I start guile on a normally running system, but
> in this initrd guile thing, (use-modules (ice-9 match)) doesn't help
> either.  What does help is (@ (ice-9 match) match).  Why?
> (define (default-serial-port)
>   "Return a gexp that determines a reasonable default serial port
> to use as the tty.  This is primarily useful for headless systems."
>   #~(begin
>       ;; console=device,options
>       ;; device: can be tty0, ttyS0, lp0, ttyUSB0 (serial).
>       ;; options: BBBBPNF. P n|o|e, N number of bits,
>       ;; F flow control (r RTS)
>       (use-modules (gnu build linux-boot))
>       (let* ((not-comma (char-set-complement (char-set #\,)))
>              (command (linux-command-line))
>              (agetty-specs (find-long-options "agetty.tty" command))
>              (console-specs (filter (lambda (spec)
>                                      (and (string-prefix? "tty" spec)
>                                           (not (or
>                                                 (string-prefix? "tty0" spec)
>                                                 (string-prefix? "tty1" spec)
>                                                 (string-prefix? "tty2" spec)
>                                                 (string-prefix? "tty3" spec)
>                                                 (string-prefix? "tty4" spec)
>                                                 (string-prefix? "tty5" spec)
>                                                 (string-prefix? "tty6" spec)
>                                                 (string-prefix? "tty7" spec)
>                                                 (string-prefix? "tty8" spec)
>                                                 (string-prefix? "tty9" 
> spec)))))
>                                     (find-long-options "console" command)))
>              (specs (append agetty-specs console-specs)))
>         (use-modules (ice-9 match))
>         (match specs
>          (() #f) ;        form error here
>          ((spec _ ...) ; underscore is undefined
>           ;; Extract device name from first spec.
>           (match (string-tokenize spec not-comma)
>            ((device-name _ ...) ; underscore is undefined
>             device-name)))))))

Try moving the ‘use-modules’ form at the top so you have:

  (use-modules (gnu build linux-boot) (ice-9 match))

The inner ‘use-modules’ you had cannot work because the expander doesn’t
“see” it when compiling, and thus the ‘match’ macro is missing at
expansion time (thus the compiler assumes that code is calling a ‘match’
procedure that’ll be define at run time.)  However it can work when you
interpret it instead of compiling because the compiler will have
expansion and execution intermingled.


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