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[bug#30400] [PATCH] gnu: clementine: Remove Spotify downloader.

From: Leo Famulari
Subject: [bug#30400] [PATCH] gnu: clementine: Remove Spotify downloader.
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2018 13:36:35 -0500
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On Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 11:09:19PM +0000, Pierre Langlois wrote:
> Hi Guix!
> I realized today that a new version of crypto++ was out so I set out to
> update it but Clementine failed to compile. There's a patch on master [0]
> that fixes the issue so I was going to apply it when I realized the bit
> of code in question downloads a binary blob to support Spotify.  It
> turns out there's a button in the preference menu that allows users to
> download this proprietary blob, and crypto++ appears to be used to check
> it.

Thanks for pointing this out! I reindented the #:configure-flags and
added some comments to the first patch, and pushed as

My understanding of the FSDG [0] makes me think that we'll need to go
further and, in an origin snippet, remove the code performs the download
of the non-free component. This would mean that `guix build --source
clementine` would return something that follows the FSDG. CC-ing Ludo
for clarification.


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