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[bug#29738] Add support for HTTP/2 to curl

From: Mark Meyer
Subject: [bug#29738] Add support for HTTP/2 to curl
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2017 09:35:18 +0100

Hi Ricardo,
thanks for you feedback. The closure changes from 223.7 MiB to 224.5

The patches attached apply cleanly to core-updates and split the change
into two components.

Cheers, Mark

On Sun, Dec 17, 2017, at 07:31, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> > this patch adds HTTP/2 support to curl, this is a prerequisite to
> > closing bug#29733. I am aware that this will trigger about 2500 rebuilt
> > packages, but having HTTP/2 in curl seems to be worth the hassle.
> We would make this change on the core-updates branch to avoid disrupting
> the availability of substitutes, so rebuilding a large number of
> packages is not a big problem.  Does this patch apply on top of
> core-updates?
> About the patch: it would be better to separate the two changes.  One
> commit would add the nghttp2 package, the other would modify the curl
> package.  Could you please split the patch?
> Since curl is used by a great number of packages we need to pay
> attention to the size of the closure.  How does adding nghttp2 to curl
> affect the size of the closure of the curl package?  (You can check with
> “guix size”.)
> --
> Ricardo
> GPG: BCA6 89B6 3655 3801 C3C6  2150 197A 5888 235F ACAC

  Mark Meyer

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