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[bug#29699] [PATCH] guix: offload: Add "status" sub-command.

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [bug#29699] [PATCH] guix: offload: Add "status" sub-command.
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2017 11:42:43 +0100
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Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> skribis:

> * guix/scripts/offload.scm (check-machine-load): New procedure.
> (guix-offload): Call it when the argument is "status".
> * doc/guix.texi (Daemon Offload Setup): Document it.

Nice, LGTM!

> +(define (check-machine-load machine-file pred)
> +  "Print the load of each machine matching PRED in MACHINE-FILE."
> +  (define (build-machine=? m1 m2)
> +    (and (string=? (build-machine-name m1) (build-machine-name m2))
> +         (= (build-machine-port m1) (build-machine-port m2))))
> +
> +  ;; A given build machine may appear several times (e.g., once for
> +  ;; "x86_64-linux" and a second time for "i686-linux"); test them only once.
> +  (let ((machines (filter pred
> +                          (delete-duplicates (build-machines machine-file)
> +                                             build-machine=?))))
> +    (for-each machine-load machines)))

Perhaps we could also display information from ‘uname’, as in



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