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[bug#29467] [PATCH] web: Don't error about missing ssl related files.

From: Christopher Baines
Subject: [bug#29467] [PATCH] web: Don't error about missing ssl related files.
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2017 09:37:19 +0000
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Ludovic Courtès writes:

> Hi,
> julien lepiller <address@hidden> skribis:
>> Le 2017-12-05 12:14, address@hidden a écrit:
> [...]
>>> We cannot check for file existence at configuration time for the
>>> reasons
>>> above.
>>> We cannot check for file existence at build time because certificates
>>> may be part of the machine’s state; they are typically managed in a
>>> stateful fashion, outside of GuixSD.
>>> So the only option we’re left with is checking at run time, when we
>>> start the service.  But that’s something nginx already does, I think?
>>> As for the default, I would be in favor of setting it to #f, because I
>>> can’t really think of a default that would work for everyone.
>>> WDYT?
>> Having it default to #f is fine with me. Nginx does this check at
>> runtime
>> and will refuse to start if these files are missing. Keeping https-port
>> to 443 and certificates to #f means it will not be able to establish a
>> connection to the client, but the http website will be available. So
>> just
>> setting the key and the certificate to #f by default should be OK.
> OK, sounds good.
> Chris, can you make this change?

Yep, I've send some updated patches.

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