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[bug#29542] rng-tools: New upstream location, new releases

From: Leo Famulari
Subject: [bug#29542] rng-tools: New upstream location, new releases
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2017 13:07:42 -0500
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On Mon, Dec 04, 2017 at 01:45:58PM -0500, Leo Famulari wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 03, 2017 at 08:49:09PM +0100, Tobias Geerinckx-Rice wrote:
> > Hm. Looks legit, no?
> I think so but one can never be sure :)

I dug around a bit.

Fedora uses Neil Horman's fork from GitHub (what this patch changes our
source to):

CentOS fetches from SourceForge with patches by Neil Horman:

Debian uses their own fork that hasn't been touched in 6 years:

Arch fetches from the old SourceForge project:

I don't know how to find package sources on SUSE's web page.

So, I'm confident this source is okay. But after more reading, I don't
think we'll need to use rngd after all.

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