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[bug#29580] Acknowledgement ([PATCH] gnu: gtk+-2: Fix failing test.)

From: Gábor Boskovits
Subject: [bug#29580] Acknowledgement ([PATCH] gnu: gtk+-2: Fix failing test.)
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2017 20:59:59 +0100

This is a patch to make gtk2 build on core-updates.
Relevant details can be found on today irc logs.
Just the most important points:

gtk+-2 build fails on core-updates with a failing test: gtk/

The cause of the failure is that the new version of glib currently on core-updates exposes a new marshaller, therefore the abi provided by the library is a superset of the expected abi, and this test requires exact match.

Here is a snippet of communcation with upstream:
17:49 < EmmanueleBassi> gabriel_: It's fine to ignore
17:49 < EmmanueleBassi> gabriel_: GLib added a new marshaller in its public API
17:50 < EmmanueleBassi> gabriel_: And the ``in GTK+ 2.24 hasn't been updated because GTK+ 2.24 is in deep maintenance mode and very few people test it against newer versions of GLib 17:50 < EmmanueleBassi> There's the question as to whether GLib should have added a new marshaller in the public API in the first place
[17:56] <g_bor> EmmanueleBassi> But that happened a long time ago

So it seems, that this is fine to ignore this, and upstream is not interested in fixing it.

My fix restricts the test to the gtk abi, which I think is the good thing to do.

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