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[bug#29569] Guile-wm +Guile-xcb patches (updates, urls,etc)

From: ng0
Subject: [bug#29569] Guile-wm +Guile-xcb patches (updates, urls,etc)
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2017 23:15:44 +0000


I've updated to the latest commits in the hope that it would
fix the problem I have where guile-wm keeps crashing.

It's my first couple of hours with guile-wm and I don't know
the code yet, so I'll look into it why none of the recent commits
fixed it (while the messages said they should).

The state of it is as before. I doubt Guile-wm is stable as it
is in our master.
There are some changes. Like upstream made building with
Guile 2.2 an option, the original home page is gone, development
happens on github, etc.
I've made the change to use 2.2 a commit on its own.
I'll contribute a fix to upstream as soon as I can which will
address the fact that their build system picks 2.2 even when 2.0
is given. This should not happen.

Nice project, with some more work it could replace scrotwm for me.

Rntime crashes (like we have them now) would be good to get
automated tests for these, simulating garbage keystrokes etc.
Long store short, here are 5 patches and I'll contact the
upstream developer soon.
GnuPG: A88C8ADD129828D7EAC02E52E22F9BBFEE348588

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