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[bug#27497] [PATCH] gnu: Add emacs-org-edit-latex.

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: [bug#27497] [PATCH] gnu: Add emacs-org-edit-latex.
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2017 18:53:24 +0530

Thanks for the patch!

Could you request upstream to provide a release tarball? That would
simplify our life. Commits have been made in the upstream git repo very
recently. So, I'm hoping the developer will reply soon. If upstream does
not respond in a couple of days, we'll go with the git repo.

> +(define-public emacs-org-edit-latex
> +  (let ((commit "323d0b39d0284cef730b706dce7c0e58ed35530f")
> +        (revision "1"))
> +    (package
> +      (name "emacs-org-edit-latex")
> +      (version (string-append "0.0.1-" revision "."
> +                              (string-take commit 7)))

I think version should be 0.8.0. Look at line 8 of org-edit-latex.el.

The patch LGTM, otherwise!

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