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[bug#27440] [PATCH 1/4] gnu: python: Add python2-pyopengl.

From: Rutger Helling
Subject: [bug#27440] [PATCH 1/4] gnu: python: Add python2-pyopengl.
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2017 05:55:53 +0200

There was a small typo in the third patch that resulted in "-nolisten tcp-noreset" instead of "-nolisten tcp -noreset" being passed to xvfb. Here's the corrected patch, along with the other two again.

On 2017-06-22 22:42, Rutger Helling wrote:

Sorry about that! Here are the patches changed with your suggestions, sent as attachments.

On 2017-06-22 21:46, address@hidden wrote:

Hi Rutger,

Rutger Helling <address@hidden> skribis:

+   (description
+         "PyOpenGL is the most common cross platform Python binding
to OpenGL
+and related APIs.  The binding is created using the standard ctypes

It seems your patches were somehow mangled on the way, with lines
wrapped as in the example above.

Could you resend them to this address, preferably with 'git send-email'?

I would also suggest merging patches 2 and 3, and expounding a bit on
the 'description' of Xpra in patch 4.  Apart from that it looks alright!






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