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[bug#26863] guile-squee

From: Catonano
Subject: [bug#26863] guile-squee
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2017 13:56:52 +0200

2017-06-18 13:28 GMT+02:00 Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden>:

This looks like it really should be implemented in the Makefile of the project.

> +      (home-page "")

Luckily, upstream is no stranger!  Maybe it would be best to submit a
patch to add a Makefile first, so that we don’t need to do so much work
to package it.

Right, we had a brief chat about this with cwebber. I will probably do that, some day.
Not only a Makefile but the whole paraphernalia
> +      (license license:gpl3))))

According to the readme file this is not correct:

   The project is released under the GNU Lesser Public License, version 3
   or later (as published by the FSF), just like Guile itself.

Oh right ! It slipped. I will keep this present in the next one I'll send

For now, I'd say that this issue can be closed.

It won't be soon.

Thanks for reviewing !

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